Our Green Policies

One of the most pressing issues of our time is how we interact with the environment. For years, We Do Graphics, Inc. has been on the forefront of eco-friendly practices and technology. It is part of our philosophy that success is measured, in part, by the quality of the world in which we operate. Here are some ways that we have set ourselves apart in terms of environmental responsibility:

  • Our computerized plate making procedures have eliminated dozens of the chemicals used in less-advanced processes.
  • The plates we utilize for printing are an alloy of magnesium and aluminum and are recycled after use.
  • The direct to plate process does away with film which eliminates the waste film and silver content contained in the film and the processing of it.
  • The chemicals we do use are safe to the environment.
  • All of our coatings are environmentally sound.
  • Every month, 48,000 pounds of paper waste is recycled by We Do Graphics, Inc. instead of going into landfills.
  • Almost all of our paper contains recycled content. Additionally, we offer many types of recycled paper choices, available in various finishes including matte, gloss and uncoated. Our sales representatives are knowledgeable and prepared to help you choose from our certified and recycled papers so you can be confident with your selection.
  • Our soy-based inks are among the most environmentally friendly available in the marketplace. The ingredients used to make these inks come from natural pigments and vegetable oils.